your nitro beverage at home !

Fancy a delicious smooth and thick cold beverage for this summer ? We bet this system is made for you then !


Very easy to use its benefits are numerous:

  • Less acidity - easy on the stomach

  • Smooth flavour - much less bitterness

  • very creative: mix different ingredients (tea, coffee, syrup, spirits, beer...) to create your own blend

  • Creamy texture, like a the famous black irish stout effect !

  • Nitrous oxide give a slightly sweet flavour, a creamy head and can be used instantly


In general I personally use the following method:

  1. Your prep must be COLD (ideally around 4°c). For such we recommend you to prepare it well in advance and let it cool overnight in the refrigerator.

  2. Ideally put the keg in the refrigerator too

  3. Screw on lid and inject one bulb of N2O before shaking well. A little sound shows that the gas has just been released.

  4. For additional pressure you can add another bulb

  5. If the flow slows down, inject further bulbs as needed (1 bulb is enough for the 2l, 2 to 3 for the 3.7l)


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